Greetings to all within our

Heidelberg-Erbsville family

In these exceptional times, we are confronted with circumstances that prevent us from celebrating worship within the context of our sanctuaries. We are not certain as to when the ban on public gatherings will be lifted. As a result, we shall attempt to stay connected within a number of ways.

The March service is in document form. Now with the help of Dan Amorim and Eryn Lobsinger our future services will all be in video format. This will allow folks to share in the service and devotions at home. The texts, the prayers and the sermon have been prepared by myself as though they would be shared in church. The hymns are those chosen by our worship committees. We hope that this method will serve as an aid and assist you in continuing to be part of the St. Peters church family. These services will be available online until we go back to regular services. You can view any previous services that you may have missed by clicking on the date of that service. Also, we continue to decorate the church each month, so check out the pictures under the events tab.

It is also my hope to contact each of you by phone. This will allow us to check in once in a while to share stories and experiences during these days of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Let us all pray for those that are afflicted, for those that are struggling with afflicted loved ones, for the care-givers, the retail servers and others that are placing themselves at risk on the front lines of service. Let us pray for the greater Lutheran Church and for the world community at large. This is a unique moment for all of us, so let us take great comfort that God is blessing us in this journey.

Have a good Sunday!

Blessings, Pastor Olaf


We are extremely blessed to bring our services to you virtually. This wouldn't be possible without the help of Pastor Olaf, organist Dan Amorim and assistant Eryn Lobsinger. We thank them for the time and dedication put forward to produce these services for our church and its members.

Sunday Services

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